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chocolate halve cookies

I really like halva, but to be honest, I like chocolate just a little bit more. By combining these two in this delicious cookie, I started to love halva even more.

Serving amount

16 cookies


15 minutes


30 minutes


  • 200 g milk chocolate bar, break it into small pieces

  • 300 g halva

  • 4 tbsp milk

  • 30 g butter

  • 200 g wholemeal biscuit, finely ground

  • 150 g unsalted pistachios, finely ground

Extra props

  • Mixing bowl (larger than the saucepan)

  • Cooking pan


1. Melt the milk chocolate au bain-marie (in a mixing bowl over a pan of boiling water).

2. Divide 200 g halva into small pieces and roll out 16 small balls.


3. Add the milk and butter to the melted chocolate, stir well and allow to cool. Mix in the wholemeal biscuit and the rest of the halva so it becomes a firm dough. Roll out sixteen balls with this dough. Push a small halva ball in each of this larger dough balls and make them into a nicely round ball again. Roll them through the ground pistachios.


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